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Bluegrass World has been established by a team of professional bluegrass musicians and promoters in 1998. Their primary goal is to enrich bluegrass music by promoting it to musicians and introducing it to the common people. Bluegrass World aims to bring everyone in a community where they can freely share their love, passion, and experience with music.

Bluegrass World continues to build an online presence by using digital platforms and strategies in bringing knowledge about bluegrass music to the people. They offer news and updates about your favorite bluegrass bands and artists, the latest bluegrass music releases, and the rich archive of bluegrass recordings.

Bluegrass World also links you to music festivals and events, record companies, radio stations, music suppliers, manufacturers and official websites of bluegrass artists and musicians. They want to bring you a more convenient access to the organizations and communities that support bluegrass music.

Bluegrass World makes sure that their digital services pass the standards of International Bluegrass Music Association and has lived by its mission of healthily promotion bluegrass music to the people.

If you want to connect with Bluegrass World, you may reach them through their contact form.

Bluegrass World is excited to provide you a better bluegrass music experience.