5 Best Selling Albums of the 21st century in the United States

Thousands of albums from talented musicians and artists of different musical genres released in the United States have been released since 2000. They have varied strengths, weaknesses, and criticisms. But a few stood among the rest and sold millions of album copies. In this article, we round up the five best-selling albums of the 21st […]


10 Essential Benefits of Playing Musical Instruments

Playing musical instruments has innumerable health benefits – physical, social, emotional and most especially, mental. It is a good avenue for musicians to enjoy their craft and be healthy at the same time. Here are the ten essential benefits of playing musical instruments: Promotes Mental Health According to research, playing an instrument can be a […]


12 Essential Instruments in Playing Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass music, a form of traditional country music, has multi-influences from Irish, Scottish, and English music. With its unique and diverse sound, it comes with a complex combination of various instruments to create the bluegrass music. Here are the 12 essential instruments in creating bluegrass music: Mandolin Mandolin plays a vital part in a bluegrass […]