12 Best Gift Ideas for Musicians

Blog3 - 12 Best Gift Ideas for Musicians

Christmas is fast approaching! You may be looking for the best gift that you can give to your friend who loves music so much. Well, check out our list of the 12 best gift ideas for musicians.

Cymbal Arts

There are artists whom you can commission to create a cymbal art. They will ask you for a portrait of your friend or his or her favorite artist or band and print it on drum cymbals.

String Bracelet

If it’s the schedule for your guitar tune-ups, don’t throw away the used strings. Instead, use your creativity and make a bracelet out of it. There are some stores that make and sell string bracelets.

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Personalized Guitar Pick

This is one of the most special gifts, especially for guitar lovers. You can write your friend’s favorite lyrics or quotes on the pick. Moreover, there are stores that allow you to print certain photos in the pick.

Signed Merchandise

Signed merchandises are available in various music merchandise outlets. You can also visit the official website of the artist or band and order their merchandises. Or if you want to be more special, you can connect with the artist and ask him or her to sign your gift to your friend.

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Framed Records

In doing this, you just have to buy a beautiful frame and print the album art of the artist or the band. Include your message at the back of the print. These framed records can be perfect displays inside their rooms.

Vintage Music Objects

A phonograph, vinyl records, vintage turntable, mixtapes and vintage radio – these are just some of the vintage musical items that can give your friend a nostalgia of how rich and diverse music has been.

Band Posters

Band posters can be bought in music stores or you can buy them online. These are perfect gifts for friends who love posting posters on their walls.

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Music Book

Music book can be about anything – how to write music, how to play an instrument, the biography of Michael Jackson or even a simple book diary for your friend to write about his or her musical experiences.

Customized T-Shirt

If you want to give something that your friend can use, why not buy a plain shirt and have it printed with your custom design related to his or her favorite musical figures.

Bluetooth Headphones

There are hundreds of Bluetooth headphones available on the web. You just have to choose the headphone with good features.

Phonograph Speakers

Although it may be hard for you to look for this, but phonograph-designed speakers are simply the best. It functions as a speaker while giving the vintage vibes of music history.

USB Mixtape

There are mixtape-themed flash drives available on the web. This is a perfect gift for musicians who write songs and need storage devices to store their masterpieces.

Apart from Christmas, these gift ideas are also perfect for other special occasions, including birthdays. If you want to make it more personal, you can always write a song for your friend, and that is going to be so very special.

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